Miki Takashima is a Japanese freelance interior, lifestyle also fine art photographer, currently living in New York.

Miki studied Space Design at Kuwasawa Design School in Tokyo, which programs are strongly affected by the Bauhaus and grew her unique sense of color, tone, and compositions.

Since 2013, Miki has been working as a freelance photographer in commercial and editorial photography. Besides, Miki works on Fine Art Photography projects. Taking stereotypes as her inspiration, she creates portrait photography. In her work, people's wrinkle on the skin is attractive, male's body has beautiful curve as found in many women's body. The intention is to explore balances between stereotypes and real and to inspire those who see her work to be more aware of equality and diversity to discover more comfort to life.


Miki Takashima

T: +1 929 213 9326
E: mikitakashim@gmail.com

New York, United States